Male dating coach for a woman

Highly qualified and with thousands of hours of experience working directly with individuals and couples, I'm proud to admit I'm a Sex & Relationship Geek - fascinated by sex, love and intimacy in all its aspects from the biological to the psychological to the spiritual. Retreats & Workshops Combining the best of ancient wisdom with modern scientific and therapeutic knowledge, these events help you learn an approach to love and life that enhances love through sexuality: From therapy on sexual dysfunction and relationship challenges to coaching on spicing up a jaded love life and personal sexual empowerment - Jacqueline and Alain, colleagues and life partners, take an holistic, integrated therapeutic approach to provide quality, effective guidance and support to individuals and couples on all aspects of sex, love and intimacy. Find out more In the Tantric yogic traditions they talk about ‘actionless action’ or inaction through action.My passion is to help people cultivate love through their sexuality and use it to create greater connection, well-being and meaning in life. This is part of the karma-yoga tradition, developing spiritually through right action.

It feels like it is radiating out from the very core of my being and is an all encompassing love, so, very much including, but not just about, my sexual being."" ""It was a really powerful, transformative experience.

I feel I have reclaimed something precious and essential with the help of a group of loving, supportive women.

What you give to others is such a beautiful gift you’re an inspiration to everyone around you"." ""It feels like I am taking possession of my 'goddesshood'!

As a consequence I find that I am now confident and settled and calm with my husband and I can move between the goddesses, giving and receiving as the dance feels right. There is so much more I could say - I am so grateful and joyous!

To say your course is worth every penny is truly an understatement" "The videos were beautifully engaging.

You've condensed the essence of being a lover from the male perspective into an easy to follow course and I can only wish I had discovered this course ages ago and saved myself 15 years of trial & error with my wife!In essence I believe it has been a major catalyst in deep healing, a fundamental shift in personal and spiritual growth, and lasting and evolving change in self confidence, body awareness, self acceptance and ongoing sexual exploration." ""A huge thank you with all my heart for the unique and beautiful experience that you created for all of us on the weekend.It was such a magnificent experience and I am amazed at how much the Luscious Woman weekend boosted my confidence, I feel fantastic.When we make love the time is intimate, fun, erotic, orgasmic and/or all of the above.We’ve never been happier, whole or as complete – and can’t thank you enough.”" ""I have to tell you that this experience has been life changing for me, and your wonderful loving work in helping us let go and come into ourselves made this life change such a warm comfortable natural process, that I can hardly remember what it was like before.”" "I don't think it is over-stating to say that I would call the course 'life changing'.All the things we were worried about turned out to be no concern at all and all the things we were looking forward to turned out to be much better than we dreamed! " "Now we understand why you wanted us to attend one of your retreats.

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