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The exact timing will depend on sightings of the moon which will vary from country to country.

For Muslims this is a time of prayer and fasting, in which Muslims refrain from eating, drinking or smoking, between dawn and sunset.

Pots A and B, “Group Position Pots,” will be used to sort the participating clubs into the positions in the groups.

Burkina Faso, Develop Capacity, El Salvador, Entrepreneurship, Gender, Guatemala, Honduras, Job Creation, Latin America and the Caribbean, Nicaragua, Small and Growing Businesses, Strengthen Market Connections In partnership with the Cargill Foundation, Techno Serve launched the IMPULSOR project in 2014.

The IMPULSOR project is increasing productivity and competitiveness of Sorghum farms in Nicaragua, educating the participating farmers in agricultural and business best practices.

CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship Nicaragua 2018Date: April 19 - 29, 2018Site: Managua, Nicaragua Teams: 8Caribbean (3): Bermuda, Haiti and Puerto Rico Central America (2): Costa Rica and Nicaragua North America (3): Canada, Mexico and United States Number of teams to qualify for the World Cup: 3 (Champion, runner-up and third place)Competition Format: The eight participating teams will be sorted into two groups of four for the Group Stage.

After round-robin play, the two group winners, plus the two second-place finishers will advance to the semifinals.

The approach is expected to improve the participants’ economic success, social position and household bargaining power.

To date, 903 women have participated in the trainings, and the program has helped 25 WBGs generate more than 6,000 in incremental revenue.The six additional Participating Member Associations will be ranked according to their performance in the last five editions of the CONCACAF Women’s Under-17 Championship.The draw will begin by drawing the Pot 1 seeded teams into their Group positions.Then a sphere from Pot 2 will be drawn, followed by sphere from Pot A to determine the Group A position.The second sphere from Pot 2 will be drawn, followed by the group position from Pot B.The project is targeting 400 small farmers in Cargill’s sorghum supply chain. Smucker Company and the PIMCO Foundation to reduce poverty and increase farm sales for coffee farmers in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

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