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For those who haven't checked recently, the new expiration date for Mars Hill Church is now ...

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The era of Mars Hill is not quite officially over yet, but it could be soon if there are no further real estate or other kinds of transactions to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, the Mars Hill Foundation for Planting Churches is still active:

approaching the tenth anniversary of , the book in which Mark Driscoll confidentally predicted a bright and bustling future for that real estate that not too long ago was a case of, it seems, handing the property back to the lender because nobody's buying it. there's been a piece of real estate up until recently unaccounted for.

What was going to be Ballard campus 2 seems to have amounted to not a whole lot more than a boondoggle over the last ten years ... Wenatchee The Hatchet figured at some point the real estate that was formerly Mars Hill U-District might end up subject to a transaction.

Last year we saw that what has become Trinity West Seattle ended up buying the real estate for what was once Mars Hill West Seattle.

a decade ago Mark Driscoll shared how faithful people who were at that church at one point ended up buying back the real estate from a church/denominational organization that went off the rails.

Enroth Toxic Faith: Experiencing Healing From Painful Spiritual Abuse by Stephen Arterburn and Jack Felton Faith That Hurts, Faith That Heals: Understanding the Fine Line Between Healthy Faith and Spiritual Abuse by Stephen Arterburn, Jack Felton Twisted Scriptures: A Path to Freedom From Abusive Churches by Mary Alice Chrnalogar The Drift into Deception: The Eight Characteristics of Abusive Christianity by Agnes C. Lawless Growing Up Fundamentalist: Journeys in Legalism and Grace by Stefan Ultsein Tired of Trying to Measure Up by Jeff Van Vonderen Exposing Spiritual Abuse by Mike Fehlauer I Can't Hear God Anymore: Life in a Dallas Cult by Wendy J.

Georgia DOT will begin updating the traffic pattern on Mars Hill Rd. and State Route 53 on Thursday, March 29, 2018 at a.m.

Anderson & Rich Miller & Paul Travis Churches that Abuse by Ronald M.

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