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Master Roshi asked Goku to find and bring him a pretty girl, and if he did, he would train him.

Goku brought her back to the island on the Flying Nimbus, where Roshi proceeded to hit on her, though he was put off by the tail at first.

In Dragon Ball: Origins, Goku finds this muscular woman in the Mushroom Forest after a villager from Monster Carrot's Village told him a robust woman was there seeking for a mushroom that would make her stronger.

Notably, Master Roshi also refers to him as a loud-mouth.

He made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament but he was set up against Yamcha.

After she is returned it is said that she learned her lesson and that it is not so bad living in Aru Village.

She is referred by the name "Villager D" in this video game.

She then punched him and jumped back into the ocean.

Her riding on the Flying Nimbus when Master Roshi met her indicates that she was pure of heart.Fighter 83 made it to the final elimination round which would have resulted in being in the tournament, but he was set up against Goku.He thought Goku's stance was weird because it left all of his area's open, but then was quickly defeated from Goku throwing him out of the ring.He bears a slight resemblance to the famous Sioux Indian chief Sitting Bull.It is implied in the Ocean dub that he is the father of Sarah, since he asks for Goku and Bulma to bring her daughter back, with Alexi's and Little Flower's parents already been shown." Little Flower's Father (or Becky's Father in the Ocean Group dub) is a Native American who lives in Aru Village, and he is the father of Little Flower.

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