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Injudicious palliative sedation occurs when sedation is applied with the intent of relieving symptoms but in clinical circumstances which are not appropriate.In this situation, sedation is applied with the intent of relieving distress and is carefully titrated to effect but the indication is inadequate to justify such a radical intervention.

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Medicine is not a science of certainty, rather, it is characterized by uncertainties [14].

Clinicians, patients and their families are challenged to find pragmatic, and ethically appropriate, best options despite the uncertainty that exists.

This issue, as to whether sedation of patients to relieve refractory distress at the end of life hastens death, is significant to all the stakeholders: the patient, their family and the health care providers.

The issue is critical to the discourse with patients and their families, informed consent and to the ethical deliberations essential in every case.

This underscores the importance of patient evaluation by a clinician who is expert in the relief of symptoms before resorting to this therapeutic option.

Conversely, injudicious withholding of sedation in the management of refractory distress occurs when clinicians defer the use of sedation excessively while persisting with other therapeutic options that do not provide adequate relief.

If there were enough patients who refused sedation for the management of catastrophic symptoms at the end of life, a matched cohort study may provide the answer.

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