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All this means is that you'll get the bandwidth required, regardless of what other subscribers are using, especially during peak times.Porting your number to Vo IPLine Telecom gives you the flexibility to move anywhere while still keeping the same number.

Information includes busy and no answer calls statistic, so that you can analise the busy time periods and identify peak months for your business Your Vo IP service is only as good as your data connection.

Most failures in business Vo IP deployments are related to bad quality of internet connectivity available at the premises.

Each phone in the department will ring when this group is called.

Call recording feature can be enabled for inbound and/or outbound calls.

This prefix allows you to identify where the call is coming from (e.g.

Sales:03 9999 7999) This element in the call flow allows you to get email sent to your address with information about the call that passed this block. missed calls to Sales queue and when caller didn't leave the voicemail.) Allows integration of our system with third party suppliers or with your IP PBX.You can also save generated report as PDF or CSV for further analysis.You can select date range and generate report about all calls made by your business.You can connect your onsite PBX to us, in order to make/receive calls at low rates or integrate it with Hosted PBX.You can also connect our system to any other Vo IP Provider to route inbound calls on the numbers you've got with those providers.Those could be Desk IP Phone, Smartphone, PC, or a few Desk IP Phones located in different places (e.g. Call plan allows user to make outbound calls at the rates defined in the plan.

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