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Do you start the webcam session by asking, "18/f/NY wanna cyber? And they're consuming porn that is produced at bargain-basement prices by women who have significantly less financial autonomy than many American and western European women.

At the same time, there's plenty of porn out there that involves American and western European women, or actresses who have greater bargaining power and are paid much higher wages.

And yeah, they should have a legal right to access porn and to pay for sex (with people who are above the age of consent).

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Paying doesn't necessarily remove pleasure or consent from the person being paid.

But if you're seeking out a sex worker who has the least economic opportunity possible, I have to wonder if part of the draw for you is the fact that you have power over the person you're paying in innumerable ways, and they're less able to negotiate.

So there are nuances here, is my point – and there are ways that men in particular consume porn and consume sex that, even if you're pro-sex-work and sex-positive and have no desire to outlaw pornography, still merit the same kind of good hard look we cast on other pieces of popular culture.

The behaviour of men deserves serious scrutiny when we're talking about industries that are built largely to cater to their desires.

You're telling me a webcam site is more popular than Porn Hub?

Live Jasmin is the most popular adult site on the web by a huge margin.

The fact that 2.5% of the billion people on the internet are using Live Jasmin each month is pretty extraordinary. At -/hour with no benefits, it doesn't pay enough for American women… Most of the foreign women do it without the knowledge of their friends and family and only do it for Americans so that acquaintances in their homeland won't hear about it.

I am apparently not a very savvy consumer of internet porn, because I've never heard of Live

It also means that Asian women, Latina women and "Ebony" women are categorised in the same way that certain sex acts or fetishes like blowjobs or feet might be.

An irresistible combination of gorgeous body and face. An awsome blondie, amazing blue eyes, firm breasts, sweet ass and long legs.

I wonder how much of the thrill, for some men, involves the potential for exploitation – the power that comes from being able to pay a woman to do something for you, on your terms, that she might not do if she had a broader range of options. "; I've seen women trailing a few feet behind solo white dudes, the dude not even looking at her.

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