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Weigel was wrong, and the picture he shared was taken prior to the rally's official start time. 14 is the difference between someone flagging already public information and someone quietly slipping the GOP nominee and his team advance access to hacked correspondences. 6: Deutsche Marks The Claim: Special counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed President Trump's bank records.

Weigel deleted the inaccurate claim and apologized. 8: "A Colossal Fuck Up" The Claim: Donald Trump and his inner circle received advance notice during the 2016 presidential election of Wiki Leaks' plans to dump thousands of hacked emails belonging to Democratic National Committee staffers and Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. The Facts: The email that supposedly showed the 2016 GOP nominee and his team received advance notice of the email dump was actually sent after the hacked correspondences were made publicly available. In short, the since-amended reports are little more than a "colossal fuck up" for their respective newsrooms, as on CNN reporter put it for the Washington Examiner. The Source: Bloomberg News and the Wall Street Journal.

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A day later, Bloomberg amended the story and the headline so that it now reads, "Deutsche Bank Records Said to Be Subpoenaed by Mueller." The Wall Street Journal, for its part, published a headline originally titled, "Trump's Deutsche Bank Records Subpoenaed by Mueller.

That headline was corrected eventually to read, "Mueller Subpoenas Deutsche Bank Records Related to Trump." Dec. The Claim: Former deputy national security adviser K. Mc Farland appears to have lied to Congress this summer when she testified about disgraced Gen. president to take no questions during a first trip to China.

The wink-winking seen in the original version of the story is still there; the language is just less certain. The Source: Journalist Twitter, including MSNBC's Joe Scarborough, Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald and the Los Angeles Times' Jamil Smith. Rather, he said that the "billions and billions" that are wasted on those who can help themselves make it harder to keep CHIP funded. The president and the prime minister spooned in their feed a little at a time. Trump followed suit, spooning in just a little at first, and then dumping out the remnants of his box. It acknowledges that former President Bill Clinton received a generous $500,000 speaking fee in 2010 from a Kremlin-linked bank with ties to Uranium One, a Canadian uranium company that had mines in the U. The Newsweek article also acknowledges a separate New York Times report that showed Uranium One's chairman donated approximately $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation in four separate installments as his company was being acquired by a Russian nuclear energy firm called Rosatom.

Hatch said in reference to welfare spending in general: "I have a rough time wanting to spend billions and billions and trillions of dollars to help people who won't help themselves, won't lift a finger and expect the federal government to do everything." The senator also said in those same remarks that he's committed to protecting CHIP funding. Hatch co-wrote the bill to extend funding for CHIP. The Newsweek article doesn't, however, acknowledge that Uranium One owners donated an estimated $145 million to the Clinton foundation.

Chalk it up to bias, sloppiness, or sheer panic in response to the election of Donald Trump, but the bottom line for 2017 is that there was a shocking decline in the quality and reliability of political journalism.

Instead of adjusting adeptly to Trump's easy relationship with the truth and his tendency to abuse members of the news media, a significant number of political journalists and commentators tripped over themselves to repeat every bit of gossip, thinly sourced claim and half-cocked rumor.

CBS, MSNBC, and CNN each reported separately that Trump and his team were given a heads-up, according to an email sent on Sept. In reality, the email in question was sent on Sept. The Facts: Both newsrooms eventually walked backed their supposed scoops and the stories that remain are now about Trump associates.

"Trump's Deutsche Bank records said to be subpoenaed by Mueller," read the original Bloomberg headline.

The Facts: Ryan wasn't being callous about the situation in Puerto Rico, nor did he dismiss the issue as merely a problem for the small unincorporated U. And this is an area where the federal government has a responsibility, and we're acting on it...

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