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He does have a fairly interesting-looking tattoo though. "The reason why it has the Maori patterns on it is because I'm Maori myself." That makes sense.

Sue's date, part-time masseur Bevan, has been married twice, plus "various short-term relationships". Bevan says he gets nervous and tends to talk about past relationships on dates - he knows it's dumb, but can't help himself.

For reasons not entirely explained, Bevan can't drink, can't eat the entree, can't eat the main, can't eat the dessert. It's bloody hard to tell what this Bevan bloke is thinking - he could be an All Blacks coach in that regard. Then, wonder of wonders, leans over and whispers something in Sue's ear that sends her into a right tizz.

DANIEL (27) & KATRINA (26) Law graduate and town planner Daniel believes in marriage and having kids."In a perfect world I'd like to have twin boys and a girl. His perfect woman would be "about 5"7, blonde, blue eyes, and probably between a petite and athletic build".

I don't know about you, but I'm getting the feeling that Daniel is a methodical kind of guy.

That would be The Great British Skinny Dip, a documentary about naturism and the benefits of nudity.

: "I don't bite on the first date so you're quite safe." "I haven't had sex for five years! "READ MORE: * First Dates NZ episode one: Single Kiwis 'on a real blind date' * First Dates NZ producer on the Kiwi series: 'People will be quite shocked' * First Dates is coming to New Zealand to make for 'excruciating' viewing * First Dates NZ: Kiwi attacked on social media for dating show signs up for NZ version * Shamed First Dates contestant speaks out Right, let's get into it then... Daniel has high standards and doesn't believe in settling - "as lonely as that might be".ON LAST NIGHT’S Gogglebox Ireland, the viewers watched and passed judgment on everything from Dancing with the Stars Ireland to Celebrity Masterchef.The most eye-popping programme they watched, though? He has a strangely robotic way of talking, does Daniel."He might not be high maintenance - but I think he might be highly boring" observes Katrina later. While he's gone, the maitre'd moves in to see how the date's going - "be honest" he tells Katrina. Some mutual flirting ensues, but the maitre'd confirms he's "off the menu" tonight. "He's a bit dull," she tells a friend on the phone. Come the crunch, Daniel would definitely like to see Katrina again.At five feet 11 inches tall, height is something of an issue for Eloise.

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