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In an area located in the contrada of Settefrati, Cefalu' -in a plot of land only a short distance from the sea and clearly distinguished by the presence of enormous olive trees and the encroachment of mountains from the south west - the two architects took on the design of the Casa di Paola from 1976-78.With this undertaking they entered fully into a holistic dimension which, when compared to the most representative small-scale architecture carried out by them up to this point in time - Casa Mitra (1968-70), Casa Salem (1972-73), Casa Corsello (1973-76) and the subsequent Casa Finocchiaro (1988) - highlights how the concept of ''Modern'' for them goes beyond any linguistic and formal dimension and becomes a much vaster whole, connected with living and habitation.For this reason in the article, in addition to the objective elements, one of the main themes is the flows of people, that are analyzed, through inspections and direct knowledge of the study area.

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Gehry in Frankfurt, ''projects that constitute real fragments of theory'' - investigates the possibility of building the contemporary city according to the principle of the ''urban project'' formulated by Manuel De Sola Morales: road routes as a means to formalize the city, proposals for new urban fabrics, reinterpretation of urban spaces.

Keywords: contemporary city, urban project, fragments of theory.

Samarbeidsrådet for yrkesopplæring (SRY) skal i følge loven hjelpe departementet med råd og ta initiativ for å fremme fag- og yrkesopplæringen.

Rådet oppnevnes av Kunnskapsdepartementet (KD) og er et felles samarbeidsråd for partene i arbeidslivet og utdanningsmyndighetene.

Keywords: Baukultur, Agenda 2030, Davos Declaration 2018, Sustainable, Cultural Heritage The essay deals with the theme of mimesis and invention in architecture through the paradigm of transformation, understood as the practice of incessant references and re-elaborations.

It does so starting from the theme of the transmission of knowledge in the Aristotelian key that there is always something that lies in what it becomes.

Galante offer an unusual urban reading, deconstructing the consolidated and static figure of the city.

Drawing the 14 itineraries, starting from the list of the Churches of the Galante, is an opportunity to stage a description that, articulating between the abstraction of the overall design and the specific complexity of the nodes, tends towards an exactitude of Calvinian memory.

The Estetica before and La Poesia later stimulated artists, historians, scholars, and architects to rethink the methods of their work, by overturning the modus cogitandi et operandi active before then.

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