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He identifies Richardo with the future duke of Burgundy, although there seems to be no basis for assuming that this co-identity is correct other than the name.The name Richard is well-established in the Bosonid family, which does not appear to be the case in the Theoderic/Nibelung family to which Theoderic [VI] belonged, where it was probably recently introduced through Theoderics wife (Settipani suggests that she was the sister of King Bosons father).

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"Ermengars" sold land in Colonicas (pago Matisconense), with her husband "Gillevertus", by charter dated May 926 (before May 926) GISELBERT, son of MANASSES Comte de Vergy & his wife --- (-956).

He became GISELBERT Duke of Burgundy, after Raoul and Hugues "le Noir" ceded him their rights to Burgundy in [936].

"Hugo...comes et marchio" donated property "in comitatu Belnensi..uilla...

Nolliacus et..uilla Crisentiaco", for the souls of genitoris nostri Richardi et Adheleidis, in the presence of Gilbertus comes, Albericus comes et filius eius Leotaldus et Adso noster fidelis, by charter dated 1 Sep 936, subscribed by ... He became GISELBERT Duke of Burgundy, after his possible brothers-in-law Raoul and Hugues "le Noir" ceded him their rights to Burgundy in [936].

In any case, the chronology does not appear favourable. If he had been King Bosons uterine brother, he could not have been more than ten years old at the time, which is incompatible with his bearing the comital title.

Gingins-la-Sarras hypothesis cannot be dismissed entirely. However, it is a convoluted interpretation of the otherwise simple statement in the Annales Bertiniani that Richard was King Bosons brother.He succeeded his wife's uncle Hugues l'Abb as Comte d'Auxerre in 886.He was later known as RICHARD "le Justicier" Duke of Burgundy, although it is unlikely that he was considered at the time as founder of a unified duchy of Burgundy as such, rather as the suzerain of various counties who held the title "duke".Flodoard names "Emma regis Rotberti filia" when recording that she obliged Seulf Archbishop of Reims to consecrate her queen at Reims in 923 in the absence of her husband fighting.Settipani assumes that this indicates that she was the daughter of Raoul King of France, but this is not beyond doubt.If Judith had been the daughter of Rudolf I King of Burgundy, it is most likely that she would have been named "soror Rodulfe regis" in the subscription, referring to her living brother.

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