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and e Harmony were the most effective in terms of numbers.

I remember reading somewhere that online dating is only slightly better than traditional forms of dating.

Since I didn't really date much traditionally, I wasn't sure what that really meant.

For example, when I first started using POF in 2007, education level wasn't part of the profile data.

It wasn't possible to search on that criterion, which was very frustrating for me, given that I have a post-graduate degree.

But now, after almost 5 years of dating online, I think I get it.

Context of my perspective: I'm a 40-something post-university graduate, divorced (no kids), living in the downtown (densest) part of a North American city of over 1m population.

I met what I considered quality matches from all of the sites I used, although the pay sites were more consistent.

My theory about this is that people who are serious about dating will tend to sacrifice some money for a service.

This is not to say that a person who uses a free site is not serious, nor that all pay-site users are serious.

This site is a pay site, and has been around the longest of the ones I used.

I did a lot of reading online while I was dating (especially in the beginning).

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