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What you want are metrics that will improve the service and provide impact not only to the bottom line but to the end user or customer.People often approach an SLA with the idea of how to put the provider in the position of monitoring themselves.

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The results are disappointed clients, frustrated providers and at their worst, disputes and lawsuits waiting to happen.

In this article we address designing SLAs that fit the business’ need and live past the lifecycle of the negotiations.

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Writing a good SLA takes not only time but practice.

It often requires a multi-disciplinary approach involving technology, financial analysis, negotiation, and contract drafting skills.An SLA should work as a living document, allowing the parties who inherit the deal to work together for the benefit of both companies.It should detail the customer expectations, measurement of the service, calculation of the metrics and outline the process for correction and reporting and provide for remedies in the event of failure.If you have never written one or have only done one or two and are now facing a major project perhaps you should get some advice or assistance from an outside consultant who does this type of work for a living.I say that first because I believe in the model and second because of all the many times I have worked to fix, amend or recreate SLAs that were not crafted correctly the first time.If you are looking for female there is a special option to find females and males like a gender based partner search.

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