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A lot of dating experts make outrageous claims — like they’ve been good with women since before they could even talk — but not David De Angelo.

He doesn’t pretend to have all the answers or make promises he can’t keep.

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“See, look at this…it has to be at least the size of a pea, right? 2) Not A Strip Mall, Sweetie Not long after the “kidney stone chick”, I met another woman from the same site. I tried to handle things as best as I knew how at the time, but let’s just say she wasn’t a happy camper. And in my heart of hearts, I really did know better. She was dressed in solid black stuff with lots of stainless steel crap and fringes on it, like she was some dust-farting legend from “The Grand Ole’ Opry” or something. Having ordered a small garden salad (after all, who could eat?

” With a freshly French-manicured thumb and forefinger, she produced the largest unit from an impressive collection of similar objects she was holding. It was the largest kidney stone she had ever passed. She was a Hispanic cutie with perfect skin and a booty that would have made Sir Mix-A-Lot slam on the brakes. I hadn’t learned the part about not taking women to expensive dinners on first dates yet, so there were at one of the nicer sushi joints in San Antonio. When I got home, she had already e-mailed me the buck-naked pics from her “Adult Friendfinder” profile (which was my first introduction to that particular reality). Suspecting this particular date may not go so well, I invited her to dinner (yeah, yeah…hardheaded wasn’t I? I walked into the Chili’s or TGIFridays or whatever it was, and immediately got that nauseous feeling that every single online dater experiences at one point or another. The thickness of her Texas accent was eclipsed only by the thickness of her black eyeliner. ” Suddenly reminded that one must take oneself much less seriously in order to derive the greatest enjoyment out of life, I burst out laughing. ), my focus pretty much turned to saying as little as possible in hopes that she would friggin’ finish eating.

I thought to myself, “This chick has to be kidding. She doesn’t have to prove her case by showing me her prescription.” I should have been so lucky. We had ordered two glasses of red wine, and conversation turned to what she did for a living. Sitting before me was a decidedly classy woman, who I had picked up from a decent home in a nice neighborhood. The kind with girls.” Now if you know my style at all by now, you already realize the date was as good as over. I got the business in the divorce settlement.” It was then, I told her the truth.

Pressing down and twisting the child-proof cap, the bottle opened and the contents were soon poured into her hand. But I do remember there was a second date, believe it or not. “You mean, like a strip mall…right…with the nail salons, a tanning place and a Chinese restaurant.” “No, silly! “I’ve never been to one of those places in my life, and I see no reason to start now.” Uh oh. That chick practically attacked me as soon as we left the restaurant. 3) June Carter Cash Or Charge I should have known better, considering the one pic she had attached to her profile was a blurry one.

The next thing you know, I had ponied up however much they charged and began looking through the pictures of women they had listed. Remember, this was Day One for me in the online dating world – my first stab at meeting women online. The fact that I shouldn’t have been paying for dinners here has long since been duly noted and is sort of beside the point, so please overlook that for now and read on.

To be honest, this was not exactly the most well-traveled site on the ‘net. So inevitably, I found exactly one woman who seemed interesting to me-a brown-eyed blondie with a friendly smile. Midway through dinner, she starts talking about her medical problems.

So many men have the misconception that online dating services and meeting women online are only for repulsive singles that can’t get a date to save their life, or for those that are afraid of rejection.

But millions of men are opting to check out the possibilities of meeting women online simply because it offers a new, easy to use forum in the comfort of your own home and is minus all the hype of bars and clubs.

If you are looking for some help choosing the right online dating site for you, please check out our section dedicated to that: Online Dating Sites.

****************************************************************** Below is just a funny article from Scot Mc Kay telling readers about his four most memorable Online Dating Disasters: Here are the four most memorable ones: 1) Not What The Doctor Prescribed Very shortly after my divorce in 1992, I received a “spam” message in my inbox that I actually responded to.

David Deangelo also tells people in his Meeting Women Online program how to act on your first date with a woman you meet at an online dating site.

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