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About half the time, it is the girl who was frugal, and wrangled in the dude.

When you try to spring a low-spending lifestyle on a person with this perspective, this is exactly what happens, and this is why we see effects like 90% of cars in the US being bought on credit. This shit is for real, and that is why I believe the sentiments here are genuine.

People are buying depreciating mechanized sofas that cost more money than their entire net worth. The question remains, then: how can you completely turn this perspective on its head and end up with a person that actually enjoys frugality?

But I work hard Monday-Friday, and I can’t even enjoy a bottle of coke once a week! And my husband would have to loosen up with the little things before I could throw my block into the MMM shaped hole. As you can see, quite a battle has formed between the three of us, and it scares me a little, since it’s a battle in a much younger couple with a much newer marriage than my own. For example, my own wife would take strong offense at the idea that women are supposed to be soft.

I would personally spend my time shooting holes in those amazing misconceptions about cars, bikes, and SUVs and the concept of “scraping by”.

Some think our author is a “troll”, which is someone who writes something artificial and inflammatory just for the sake of getting a reaction.

While I can’t prove it because I don’t know these folks personally, I would strongly disagree.

I do not want to talk about money every hour of every day for the rest of my life. How does a modern, style conscious, professional woman thrive with a male-infused idealism of mustachianism? Women and men have different opinions about what is valuable. However, my husband and I literally drive away from the drive through to the same tune every time “This is RIDICULOUS! ” I was both interested and amused by this submission from a non-reader.

I don’t want to buy already crapped in cloth diapers for my baby on Ebay! There has to be a limit to the money talk, and the money supervision, and gearing our whole lives around counting dollars. While there were definitely some misinterpretations and complainypants in there (especially with that incorrect attitude about biking), I also I sense a mix of sarcasm and real problems in there.

I walked into the lobby there were patients waiting, so this is good. He wakes up at 0500 bc he “can’t sleep” and reads the blog. I thought I was the most wonderful spouse on the planet because we recently paid off 6 years of student loans.

I am watching all of my dreams of a mommyhood filled with Tahoes, lattes, endless monogramming, and a pottery barn dream house go up in smoke. My husband actually used the phrase “the power of positive thinking” in conversation yesterday…like it was his original thought!!! I stopped by my husband’s office to visit him yesterday. He lays beside me with one eye on the screen and one eye on his computer.

And is this weakness something to cherish and cultivate, or to overcome so we can live a more fully human life? “Soft” is a feminine thing to be desired and in no way is it a turn off. That means it’s 10 minutes by car to the grocery store, 20 minutes to work by car, 20 minutes to church, 15 minutes to our friends’ house, and 10 minutes to the canal in your And I guess it’s not just the blow up couch that drives me crazy. My husband has an orthodontic practice, I work full time as a nurse practitioner, and yet we live like going out to eat at a restaurant with waiters will bankrupt us. He didn’t know it until he tried to fit into several different financial holes without really fitting all the way around, and then finally found the MMM shaped hole and slid right in. Except for the fact that I’m tired of self-induced poverty.

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