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‘Your relatives’ attention is important and every gift is good, but the socks — it’s too much.’ However, such a gift is more practical than the slippers that were given to Kylie Minogue at the age of 17. Page 39 British High Street British High Streets are becoming very similar these days.

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There are two supermarkets, Waitrose and Tesco and a lot of shops including a bookshop, Boots the chemist’s, a sports shop, a stationery shop and a pet shop.

My town — East Sheen I live in East Sheen, near London. In the High Street there are two banks, Lloyds and Barclays, and a post office.

6 page 82 Look at the pictures and complete the sentences with pronouns this, that, these or those.

7 page 83 Complete the questions and write the answers.

13 page 85 Read again the text on page 39 (Student’s Book, Part 2) and mark the statements as true (T) or false (F). 2 There are many small shops in High Streets today.

8 You can find many British restaurants in High Streets.

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16 page 36 In pairs, read the school rules about uniforms. 23 page 38 Before you read, guess brand names for the shops. 39) again and say if these sentences are true or false.

5 page 82 Complete these sentences with personal pronouns.

In Boots you can of course buy medicines but you can also buy other things, like perfume, cameras, film, CDs and radios. Follow these directions on the map on page 40 and insert the name of the shop. 1 Go straight on, then turn left at the bank and the supermarket is on your right between the chemist’s and the shopping centre.

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