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My sexy maid wants to try my wife's night dress, but needs a shave first!

My sex life was going fine with the flings outside marriage till this sexy maid came to work for us.

She was truly a typical Mangalorean beautiful woman.

This story revolves around Shruthi aunty, a beautiful 48 year old neighbour of my relative.

The story describes about the close bond shared between us which finally led me to have her on bed.

This is a story that describes about elder sister Neha's compromise and sacrifice to recover his porn addicted brother.

She had to do this so as to avoid her brother from going to a prostitute and make his brother study hard again so as to better his grades again.

All to the delight of my cock, hungrily conquering all those wonderful pussies.

When a guy realizes his traditional innocent girlfriend is not so 'innocent' and was cheating on him with another guy, he decides to take revenge on her.

This incident with my cousin made me realize that I am bisexually oriented.

All this happened when our families had gone to the temple for pooja.

What started out as a moral help soon turned into a passionate one.

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