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I understand if I gave him my bank info and routing number there isn’t much he could do with the info but transfer money into the account. Should I be safe when giving my name and bank info to the SD? I think they would be happy to use it because there is little bank record keeping and such.

GUY#2 Basically wants the same thing…they didn’t want to use Paypal or Square. Asked if I had a credit card and could I get the limit increased. 3) Should I consider having a low end credit card (0 limit) for them to put money on?

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I talked with a POT for about 2 days, and he will come to visit me this Sat. He never ask me to transfer to any other accounts etc. Besides the obvious, I don’t really want him to know my full name at this point.

He bring up the financial things and I said £1500 would be good, but he told me he will give me extra money so I can live comfortable and shopping. He asked me my Paypal account (just an email) because he want me to know he is real, and not try to take advantages of me, so I will completely comfortable seeing him this Sat. I am not sure if he is giving me his real name either.

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