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When shooting digital, I am always interested in ways to add texture to, or otherwise dirty up what can sometimes be a too pristine image, and director Alex Le Bas really liked the idea of getting soft, bloomy highlights.

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Pantyhouse lve cam

The word is that Diors are no longer being made, but the Gennia 10-Denier RHT from Secrets in Lace are supposed to have almost the exact same effect.

I actually just ordered some while writing this post.

So, before committing to a certain material, I wanted to test out several different options to see how the looks varied, and make an informed decision on which look was most appropriate for our specific project.

When discussing stockings in regards to cinematography, two types that frequently get brought up are Christian Dior 10-Denier black stockings and black Fogal Noblesse #110.

This is what I came home with: We ended up using the AUS (Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer) mounted to the rear of the lenses for most of the shoot, switching to the Small Tulle in front of the lens when a more subtle effect was needed.

Here are some stills from the film, all with the rear-mounted AUS: I’d love to get a hold of some classic Dior or Fogal stockings; even the lightest department store hose are a bit on the heavy side.Only at Pantyhose Sensual mature pantyhose erotica.Mature woman look amazing when they're in pantyhose!Obviously, different lenses may need different sized hoops.Lens diffusion has long been an effective way for cinematographers to add their personal touch to the look of a project.The result is an out of focus image laid over a sharp image, which is the basic result of practically all forms of lens diffusion.

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