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There are many great pastors and preachers today that do deliver sermons like this.

Here are 30 well-known pastors of today that speak the truth of God and who believe every single word in the Bible. John Piper is a very well-known preacher for his style (straight forward/not passive) and knowledge of the Bible.

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When Uncle Dave hatches a plan to rip off a local amusement park, Dude sees the heist as the perfect opportunity to make a little extra cash.

Unfortunately for Dude and Uncle Dave, the Taliban are all set to execute the exact same heist.

His style is charismatic, serious, comedic and intellectual. Quote – “But the blessing Christ promised, the blessing of great reward, is a reward of grace.

The blessing is promised even though it is not earned.

Erick Avari, Seymour Cassel, Verne Troyer, Larry Thomas, and J. Simmons star in a deliberately over-the-top action comedy that is sure to garner as much controversy as the video game that inspired it.

Have you ever listened to a sermon and noticed about 20 minutes into it that the room is completely silent because of the truth and wisdom that is being expressed from the pastor?

His style is friendly, serious, sometimes comedic and intellectual.

If you have never heard him preach, please look for his sermons online and watch one. Quote - “I've read the last page of the Bible, it's all going to turn out all right.” R. Sproul is a co-pastor at Saint Andrew’s Chapel in Sanford, FL.

Funny quote – “Never name a pig that you plan to eat.” James Mac Donald is the head pastor at Harvest Bible Fellowship in Elgin, IL. His style is serious and friendly and you can see his concern for salvation for all people when he preaches.

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