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You do need the gifts in order to get the best ending, but in order to reach any kind of ending with the characters at all, you have to build up the relationship enough to be able to choose them.

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You'd be able to tell Gabe from Cero even if you couldn't see who was talking.

(Fun fact: Cero, winnable here, is also the protagonist of the prequel to this game).

While a couple of items can be intuited (I was able to figure out who would have a need for spray-paint, and it's a fair assumption that the articles of women's clothing are for one character in particular), the rest are found by trial and error (or by looking up a useful walkthrough on Deviant Art).

As with Re: Allistair, it's a bit frustrating in that you need to buy certain items but are not given enough clues on what to buy.

Kaleidoscope Dating Sim is part of the Anime Games, Dating Games, Dream Games, Kaleidoscope Games, Love Games, Simple Games, and Simulation Games gaming categories.

We index the coolest free games on the internet from talented indie game developers and publishers.On the one hand, I certainly can't accuse the writing of being too sparse on details.Also, the characters are sufficiently different from each other in terms of personalities and "voice", which is important in a dating sim.It'd be nice if there were hints dropped in dialogue or something. In most dating sims that I've seen, you're given a choice of locations to visit, and generally, there's one person who is always at that location.Usually, these locations are "dressed up" somehow: it's the person's home, or their workplace, or a place they visit often. In Kaleidoscope 2, however, the notion of "Go Here to Visit X" is completely reduced to just that.The plot itself is a bit baroque, but whether this is a good thing or a bad thing may simply be a matter of taste.

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