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Post info (IF it doesn't belong in another PTO forum) about the prison system, prisoner support, criminal justice, etc., that you learn firsthand, through the media, from an inmate, or any other source. Are you having problems locating someone in jail or prison?

Place your missing person ad in this forum, as well as find out what resources & techniques others are using to find loved ones in the system.

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This forum is about discussing your thoughts, feelings and issues now that you and your incarcerated (or formerly incarcerated) loved one are no longer together.

(This forum is NOT for bashing - please read the rules before posting.) Discuss the issues of having a violent offender as part of your life.

So, after two years of research, crafting a syllabus and negotiating with prison administrators, Pompa began teaching her first Inside-Out course in a Philadelphia county jail.

It went so well, she kept teaching it, semester after semester.

“It was very Medieval-looking, dark, dingy, dirty, and loud, and hundreds of men were in there,” she said. ’ It was very clear that the majority were men of color, mostly African American.

I saw right away the waste of humanity.” Later, Temple hired her to teach courses about corrections, so she began bringing classes to tour prison facilities and meet with inmates.

This summer, Pompa will run the weeklong sessions in Chicago, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

About 28 institutions have started their own Think Tanks.

The goal was to impart the teaching style of Inside-Out, including discussions held in a circle, not a lecture from a podium, and the ground rules critical to the integrity of the program, such as restricting identification to first names.

“There are four things Inside-Out is not,” Pompa said.

Over the past year, Swarthmore, Widener, Bucknell, Wilkes, Bloomsburg, and University of Pittsburgh have all run Inside-Out programs in Pennsylvania prisons.

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