Prithviraj and priyamani dating

Those who are found guilty should be given a punishment which shall set an example for other perpetrators.We all want our mothers,sisters, daughters and friends to feel safe where ever they are.

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In an admittedly self-denunciating tweet in Malayalam, he implored his “brothers” not to be leches, but be heroes by protecting the “honour of their mothers and sisters”.

He called on men to be “protectors” of every woman so that there are no more Jishas in society.

Instead, to be more effective, what the stars can do is to reflect deeper and see how they can reduce their own complicity in perpetuating the anti-women attitude of Malayali society.

Malayalam films and their stars are among the biggest purveyors of misogyny in Kerala.

However, what goes overlooked in this collective outrage, mostly expressly through their social media handles and pages, is that it’s the same stars that lend themselves to the perpetuation of misogyny in films.

The senior stars such as Mammootty, Mohanlal and Prithviraj and many others have said horrendous things against women in their films, not once, but again and again.

Even as the statewide protests against alleged police inefficiency in the Jisha murder case swell in Kerala, stars of the Malayalam film industry too are jumping into the fray.

What started off as a tweet by multilingual actor Priyamani, immediately after the incident was reported, has now become a predictable chorus.

In his Facebook post, Mohanlal wrote: “Let’s unite and decide that we shall never let anything like this happen to women around us.

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