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The company will benefit from the resulting prediction rules.

Profit dating

After a general analysis the focus is laid on determining which users are likely to pay for the service. In the final step the combination of the findings is used to propose an implementation strategy for the future development of the website.

Online social networks and identity representation are active research areas with input from computer sciences, statistics, sociology and psychology.

The dataset contains static activity and dynamic activity.

Static activity includes all personal, demographic and interest information entered by the customer at its registration.

Kaitlyn Marie Sudberry, born July 5, 1990 Tucson, Arizona.

She became a beautiful, vivacious, artistically talented loving young lady.

Carverlee and Webb (2008) studied the characteristic of My Space profiles based on facets of this social network.

This paper has similarity to our work, however the focused was to identify elements of sociability and explain the use of language within different type of gender.

The authors proposed a methodology for clustering and identifying similarity in user’s behaviours on You Tube data.

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