Queer fat femme dating

You do have to acknowledge, I guess what you would call 'pretty privilege.' Not that fat people aren't beautiful, but there's mainstream attractiveness. Can you tell me a little bit more about the curation process for this exhibit?

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This essay will engage with conversations happening in queer theory and fat studies about shame as it relates to the politics of attachment.

I hope to begin a conversation about how to organize effective activist circles that can do justice to queer fat femmes' complex relationships with visibility, embodiment and community building.

And it was actually kind of hard to find artists, you know?

Like, there's not a lot of people who are actually making work about being fat, I find.

[But also when I was sending these emails] it was like – 'oh am I going to send this person an email where I am like calling them fat?

' I mean, we're both fat, but you know, this person might not identify with the term, or it might be something that's way too loaded for them to really own at the moment.It's uncomfortable for you that you find a fat person attractive so it's not a good word, you know?But it's just an adjective, and it's got so many negative connotations.Like, I couldn't have this show and have it just be fat white women.I need it to be fat people of all genders [so that we can come together and] move beyond self-examination and justification.[Like, in regards to ideas of visibility and fatness, one of our artists, Rachele Cateyes, was inspired to start fat-centric, body positivity art when a photo of her in a bikini was stolen and used for diet ads.

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