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Charles won ten Grammy Awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. what i wanted to know was didn't he have more than three children. Later, I learned that this was their way of expressing wonderment for his ability to play the piano!

In 1976 he recorded songs from George Gershwin's (1898–1937) Porgy and Bess with Cleo Laine.

In 1950 he moved to Los Angeles, California (where Swingtime was based), and continued to record and perform.

Many rock artists performed and became popular by playing music that originally belonged to African American blues singers.

Charles is married to the former Della Altwine, herself a gospel singer, with whom he has three children.

A television ad for Pepsi in the 1990s helped make sure that Charles would be known to a new generation of music lovers.

He also kept the albums coming, including My World, The Best of Ray Charles: The Atlantic Years, and Love Affair.

It was an experience that helped him later, when he added western songs to his performances.

Shortly afterward he began touring with rhythm-and-blues bands, arranging and composing music as well as playing the piano, clarinet, and saxophone.

The African American musician Ray Charles was widely admired as a singer, pianist, and composer (writer of music).

He combined elements of jazz, gospel, and rhythm-and-blues to create a new kind of African American music known as soul.

Charles's singing of romantic songs continued in the smooth tradition of Nat "King" Cole (1917–1965), but was boosted by deep-throated growls and high notes that were often thought to be coming from a female voice.

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