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“After spending my whole life as the only ginger I knew, I can’t explain how nice it is to sit down for a drink and swap stories with a bunch of other redheads,” said Harris. in January 2013, The League of Extraordinary Red Heads attracts about 100 people at its semi-regular gatherings.

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Tickets are $10 ($11.34 w/service fee) and can be purchased online at: Ginger Troy me or at the Arts Center just prior to the screening.

One hundred tickets will be available for the p.m. For information call Duncan Crary at 518-274-2723 or [email protected] Harris, an Austin Texas native now living in Scotland, has shown the film at the “Irish Redhead Convention” and “The Redhead Days” in the Netherlands, which are the two largest redheaded gatherings in the world with about 5,000 redheads in attendance. S., his film screenings are creating min-gatherings of redheads wherever he goes.

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For Immediate Release Contact: Duncan Crary, 518-274-2723 [email protected] “Being Ginger” Documentary to Show in Troy League of Extraordinary Red Heads Hosts Filmmaker Scott Harris April 2, p.m. “I’m fairly well adjusted now that I’m an adult, but people still say random things to me about my hair all the time, and some of it’s shocking.” One of Harris’ personal challenges is overcoming a general perception that fair skinned red haired males are less attractive than other types of men.

See more » For those, like myself, who heard about Jean Harlow before viewing any of her pictures, the expectation was to see a glamor girl with somewhat limited performing skills, not unlike Marilyn Monroe at a later time.

Not to take anything away from Marilyn, but Jean Harlow proved herself to be a very adept performer, an appealing combination of brazen sexuality and shameless manipulation, always with a comic touch.

“You’re not just ginger, you’re like the joke ginger.” To attract a woman, she advises him to remove as much of his red hair as possible to “try and limit the ginger to be as ginger-less as possible.” She also recommends he stick to dating red haired women to “keep the genetics together …just keep ginger on ginger and not on other people.” The cavalier exchange is as funny as it is shocking. Though the movie offers many rarely seen glimpses into the peculiarities of life as a redhead — one of the smallest segments of the human population, at around 2 percent — its true intent is to speak to a universal audience.

“I’ve used dating as a subject in the film because the quest for love is something that everyone can relate to,” Harris said.

While sometimes getting her comeuppance (and appearing to enjoy it) at the hands of strong characters played by the likes of Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy, in "Red-Headed Woman" the men in her life are pushovers for her wily charms.

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