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He could not help Sara after her arrest, so he decided to get their son to her family during those uncertain times.

When the Polish forces scattered, Nathan deserted the army.

He owed no allegiance to a country that had persecuted his Jewish family, and he was far more concerned with protecting his wife and infant son.

Biochemical analyses were carried out to evaluate the management of the energy resources in regard to the biochemical changes of lipids and carbohydrates.

The enzyme activity of pyruvate kinase (PK), citrate synthase (CS) and cytochrome c oxidase (CCO) were measured and the mean level of enzyme activity was respectively 20.31 m U mg were very low all year round with an average of 15.18% in dry weight, and lipid contents remain similar (11.77% in dry weight) compared with the values reported for most other temperate bivalves.

After eight months the Nazis released her with no explanation.

In the interim, Nathan had picked up Guy from the farmer’s wife and had taken a clandestine route back to Brussels.He brushed Sara aside and ordered his men to ransack the house.When the Nazis found a number of men’s suits in her possession, they arrested her. Naturally, a tailor would have many suits, but she would not betray Nathan by telling them his profession or whereabouts.When the Nazis paraded in triumph down the Champs Elysees on June 14, 1940, Sara Hauptman shook her fist at them from the crowded Parisian sidewalk.For the next five years her encounters with the occupying Nazi forces, both in France and in her homeland of Belgium, grew more terrifying.When she was just a baby, her parents fled the organized attacks on Jews in Poland for religiously tolerant Belgium.

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