Research and china and online dating

In June 2005, SAIF ( ) invested US.50 million in ACT Technology Co., Ltd (parent of for a minority stake.

Since its launch on October 28, 2005, Marry5had had more than 6 million active registered users with monthly revenues exceeding RMB2.3 million.

Song Li and Avi Xiong in January 2004, acquired in January 2005 and re-launched the site in April 2005 as the first paid online dating site in China.

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The young men and women before her were joining a staff of nearly five hundred.

Your customers, she told them, will be virtually indistinguishable from yourselves: strivers, alone in the city, separated from love by “three towering mountains”—no money, no time, and no connections.

S.), MC Capital (Japan) and SEAVI Advent (Singapore).

Baihe(, which claims to be the largest online dating service provider in China, has its origins in, a social networking site which was launched in 2003.

I met Gong six years ago, after she received a master’s degree in journalism and entered the dating business.

She was nothing like the other Web entrepreneurs I’ve come to know in China.Yee provide customers online dating, business networking and classify service through trusted friends circle and online communiy.70% shares of Yeeyoo was bought by Meetic in 2006 at the price of 20 million USD.Shijijiayuan is aggresive in online marketing, they spent more money on online advertising, than any companies in China.has more than 17 million registered users, everyday more than 20,000 new users sign up, 53.82% users have bachelor degree, 5000 to 8000 users find their soul mate on the website everyday.The number of new members recently also exceeded 300,000 each month.

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