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An episode on reality TV shows its weirdness, providing a report from the front lines of the gender wars.Will dating bring the people of Gen Z to fulfilling lives — or be a bridge to nowhere?

Closely watch this excerpt from this date and record your impressions about what happened. It is a classic confrontation in the form of what used to be called “dates.” He employs Game; she opens with “shit tests” (aggressive probes to determine if the guy is an alpha or beta). I have edited and paraphrased it; see Roissy’s original for more detail.

The annotations — and reactions on social media (see below) — show that people believe that Mike lost, big-time, on this date. Some of the best interactions are visual, and so omitted from the transcript.

Like you used to, and as you will until the Wall fights you to wrest your love away. Why would you tell an employer that youre low 10 Best Dating Site In the World confidence, poorly motivated and never arrive on time, even if it were true? And thats what Dating 3 Months No Commitment we are.

Summary: For Generation Z, dating is unlike anything seen before.

Again, he passes it easily by resorting (in so many words) to the classic CH Game technique Agree & Amplify. — Her face at this moment is that perfect mix of anger and arousal.

At , you see the effect his ZFG insouciance it has on her (it lights up her face). He turned the tables on her by teasing her for “ruining” the game. Remember the CH maxim: The opposite of love isn’t hate; it’s indifference. That would make a beta male turtle and beg forgiveness …. /our Greek/ knows the score; …he quickly and unceremoniously announces he’s ready to go and she’d should hurry and down her drink . End scene with a simultaneous lean-in and hot kiss.Such shit tests are typically obvious in their intent to put you on the defence. This is especially true of women and the effeminate men who emulate them; both are consensus seeking creatures who crave the approval of the group above all else.Heartiste Value Dating Market Test Go talk to other girls, when it inevitably comes up later she was grinding respond with. Describe thee relationship between usury and sodomy. Shes a single mother, she comes from a broken family, shes an orphan, shes the eldest or only child in her family, or shes the only one among her siblings working to support her large family and her siblings education.For more about modern dating, see these posts by the invaluable Dalrock. First, “why women lose the dating game” gives the same message about marriage that I’ve said many times — the next 15 years will be critical for America.Second, how women see dating: as a reality show where they are both the prize (passive) and the judge (in control).In response to modern young women, men have developed the tactics called . What’s the point of studying and working for decades if girls consider nice boys to be boring — and just want to have fun with bad boys?

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