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As there are three columns in the grid, this control will take up 33% when rendering the form.Only the columns that have set up this property are rendered in the grid.By default, this option is checked, which means the button is enabled when rendering the grid in the form. The title of the grid is displayed in the middle of the screen (of any device) at the top side of the grid.

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No longer available from version This property sets the way grids will accommodate their rows since the moment they are rendered in the preview of the Dyna Form or when running a case.

The options for this property are: For this property, take into account that the column width of the controls inside the grid must be correctly configured for a good performance.

A grid is a graphic design that presents data in a tabular format consisting of columns and rows.

For Dyna Forms on Process Maker 3, each column is represented by a control and each row of the columns is a registry of this control.

When the layout of the grid is set as responsive, the columns accommodate immediately according to the size of the screen making them wider or shrinking them.

For the static layout, the grid maintains its size despite the size of the screen.Additionally, these controls have the property Column Width, which must be configured to properly render the grid.This property sets the width each column in the grid will take up when rendering the form.In this type of layout, if the length of the grid surpasses the length of the screen, a scroll bar enables so users can still work with the grid.See the figures below to view the differences among them.As more columns are added, cells in the grid will be enabled at any position the control is brought.

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