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And no, you are not the only one with anxiety over what texts to send after an initial date.

If the date was great and you want a second, you can carefully craft your communication in cute fashion.

Comedian Billy Procida, host of , which tackles issues of dating, sexuality, and relationships, admitted to me, "I hate the 'playing it cool' tactic. He finished, "If you can express the entire date in emojis, do it.

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When the first date is good but you don't want to dive right in or appear overly interested because you are easing back into dating, or because you aren't looking for something too serious yet, Procida recommends suggesting an afternoon meet up for the second date and for very specific reasons.

"They take the pressure off of 'going home together,' but can still be plenty cute and successful," he said.

If the time together was wonderful and leaves you with butterflies, why not share it with the person who is causing you to have that tickle in your tummy?

That means sparks flew and you'll never know if he or she felt the same unless you put it out there.

Here are the perfect texts to send after the first date, depending on how well things went.

Justin Lavelle of People, the leading online background check platform for digital daters, proposed this text as the most immediate post-date communique because it shows you are interested and "sends the message that you are a nice person." Beyond that, it could keep the convo and the good time going. It might lead to a little text flirting that can be fun and a perfect cap to the evening!

If you are willing to give it another go, you can try and mix it up to get a better result and attempt to get to know each other more. You want to communicate just enough, but not so that people are reading into what you are trying to say.

Thompson told me you don't want to be complimentary or put off. Strive for being as clear, concise, and honest as feels appropriate." Texting "Should we do this again? Dating and relationships expert Alison Blackman recommends mentioning a specific activity you may have discussed while on the first date as grounds to generate a second if you really dig the other person.

2 because it has a sense of humor and is totally frisky.

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