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Until then, we hardly give it a second thought but it’s high time we put ourselves first.

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If there’s anything we should be more savvy about, it’s our safety.

We’re quite happy to be carefree until we experience catfishing ourselves.

The women are horrified that they’ve turned up to a date, only to find out they’d been catfished into meeting with a child this whole time.

The video shows a confident young boy swiping away to his heart’s content on an online dating site and arranging dates with women, literally old enough to be his mother!

JWA’s latest scheme hopes to reach further than the 2,500 pupils they are already in contact with in schools across the UK.

Sarah Manuel, Safer Dating co-ordinator, said: “Every movement will need to approach this subject in a different way, but the conversation can be had everywhere.It’s our job to make it more relevant and accessible for this age group.” JWA was recently awarded the Women’s Aid National Quality Mark for the high-quality service it delivers to women and children across the Jewish community who have experienced domestic abuse.The charity provides a helpline, refuge spaces, counselling and legal support for women in abusive relationships.It’s intended to raise awareness of how easy it is to create fake online profiles and mislead people into situations that cost time, money and emotional distress. If someone would like to confirm the identity of another person with Yoti, both parties need to download and create their Yoti account.If you ask someone to do a simple Yoti swap, this will give you the reassurance and peace of mind that the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. Yoti is free for individuals and each account takes just minutes to create.Guests from schools, youth movements and universities, who attended the launch at All Star Lanes in Holborn, praised the new initiative.

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