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[I have sometimes sat down at a restaurant and then left after a few minutes without anybody offering to accept my money in exchange for a meal.

Anyways, you end up ordering less than you would have if the menu was accurate and up to date.

Like, how do you know the temporary maid you’ve hired is trustworthy?

Ho Chi Minh City has all you need for a comfortable life: phone, water, gas, internet and much more.

The essentials are there, and even premium services like international shipping, notary and transport services, domestic help, catering and ordering from your favourite neighborhood takeout online are available in abundance.

Ask anything related to living and working in Saigon or Vietnam.

All that I ask in return is that you look at the existing topics and try to help others with any information that you know.

Knowing reliable shipping companies to deliver your post and packages is a must.

If you’re living in Saigon and need to ship items in or out of the Vietnam, the first thing to do is find some good, reputable shipping companies that you can trust.

There is a lack of situational awareness among the staff.

You try again, but your second choices are also not for sale today (or any day).

What’s the best phone package to get for your family? This section will help you navigate the world of service and utility providers in Saigon, and choose the most suitable ones for you and your family.

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