Sametime status not updating

JAWS supports the recent release of AOL Instant messenger, providing an accessible interface to Facebook Chat.

For a description of how to chat in real time with your Facebook contacts, see the March 2010 FSCast.

Note that the People Search lookup source has been improved to increase its reliability.

To try it, see the People Search example later on this page.

When Track Changes is turned on, and the PC Cursor is within revised text, the letters I and R appear in the third and fourth status cells to show inserted text.

The letters D and R appear in the third and fourth status cells to show deleted text.

To properly display deleted text, you must set the Document Presentation option (using INSERT V) to Screen Layout.

In addition, set Word to use Draft View (Normal View in Word 2003), and choose Final Showing Markup or Original Showing Markup to display changes.

Check also the Recommended Updates page for more information.

Because these are cumulative fixes, all of the fixes listed on this page are included in the latest CF.

For more information, see Research It described later on this page.

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