Scorpio dating another scorpio

In fact, the Scorpion has a burning desire for knowledge of any kind.

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Remember, he likes a sense of mystery so don't reveal too much.

Show him that you're interested in a wide range of subjects and that you enjoy pondering the secrets of the universe.

The Scorpion has intense feelings about almost everything, although he often does a good job of hiding them.

Scorpio men have a powerful sex drive, and are adventurous in the bedroom.

If you've set your sights on finding love with a Scorpio man, chances are you feel both captivated and confused by his enigmatic allure. Until he's hopelessly devoted to you, he'll keep you wondering about his true feelings.

A professional astrologer can be a great resource in helping you figure out what's going on behind those smoldering eyes. However, a Scorpio with a Scorpio lover can be pure disaster because they are so similar. A great deal of expressing their feelings will be needed throughout the life of the relationship. A problem to be resolved will be the Scorpio's sexual domination. A Scorpio with a Scorpio lover can be a wonderful love match because they are so similar. With the hot intensity of this love match, both must be aware that their secretive nature causes distrust. Scorpio lovers are adventurous and live out sexual fantasies.When you consult a professional psychic, you can begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding your potential lover.A gifted psychic can use several tools – such as personalized astrological charts, tarot cards, numerology and more – to help you better understand the Scorpion's puzzling nature..While the Scorpio man is secretive, he doesn't like this trait in others.

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