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YOU ARE READING Fanfiction A girl is invited by her famous stepbrother to a tour called MAGCon. After all, they're just a bunch of Viner boys, right? Johnson hid it in his back pocket somehow, and must've placed it in front of my face as a joke.

Shawn looks at me, the color draining from his rosy cheeks. We head out of the bowling alley and start to walk back to the hotel. I've noticed Cam...." Shawn stops, and looks at me. "I didn't know 'suspicious' meant 'completely catastrophic.'" Johnson shrugs. So I mess up my hair, trying to look tired, and Shawn tries to look as sick as he can. Operation Secretive Dating," Johnson says, grinning, and Shawn and I both groan simultaneously. As soon as we get to our floor, I start to stumble, closing my eyes halfway to make it look like I've been sleeping and am horribly tired. The last thing I hear is Johnson saying, "We should check the public bathrooms for Shawn..told me earlier he wasn't feeling well....." I open my eyes to see a furry face staring back at me. Then I realize it's just the teddy bear Shawn won me last night.

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Because I know as well as I know that there is a nose on my face that Cam didn't just "wake up, find us missing and worry." Cameron and Shawn don't even sleep in the same room. We've been best friends since, like, kindergarten." Frankly, I don't care if they've been friends since birth. I don't know what's gotten into him lately, so just..." With that, Gilinsky gets up off the bed and leaves the room.

"Hey." That's a voice I don't exactly recognize, but it sounds vaguely familiar.

For a long time he’s been telling me that he seems to have a bad reaction to alcohol after just a few pints at the most. I’ve never had a problem with his drinking either, and I drink plenty myself, especially on a night out. Wounded to have been lied to and not trusted to be understanding or accommodating of his social needs. Accused of holding him to standards I’ve never held or expressed – of unreasonable reactions I’ve never had. I am now questioning the motivation for his (what seem to me, pointless) cover-ups and lies.

I would be very interested to have some male insight into this!

"Right." When we get back to the hotel, to my surprise, Johnson is waiting outside. "Cam started some....commotion." My heart plummets. Commotion could mean a scale of things, spanning from a little rumor to a complete freak-out session. "We're all looking for you." "You said that Cam was suspicious," Shawn says. After five minutes of thinking, Johnson, Shawn, and I come up with a story: Shawn's stomach was upset, and he didn't want to use the restroom in the room, so he went downstairs to the public one. They're not the best excuses but it's worth a shot. " I recognize the voice as Matt's, though I can't really see him through my half-closed eyelids. "Well, let's get her in a bed and start looking for Shawn," Cameron says. So as soon as my head hits the pillow, I drift off. I haven't seen him this happy since a fan kissed him on the cheek, and even that was a sort of 'high on fame' type of thing.

He's just being a complete dooschbag." He nods and smiles. "I told the guys I was getting some fresh air." He stares at each of us in the eye. "Well, he noticed you guys were missing, and got...worried." Johnson wipes his palms on his pants, so they must be sweaty. And then Nash told Hayes, and Hayes told Taylor, and Taylor told Gilinsky, and soon enough the news was out; Des and Shawn are missing." He sighs. "Well, whatever happens, you can't go in together." "True." I rack my brain, trying to think of possible excuses that'll be convincing. Cam knew exactly what we were doing, and didn't want us to get away with it. "She must've been sleepwalking, because I found her, dead asleep, by the pool." Matt laughs a loud, obnoxious laugh, and I groan, adding to the facade I'm trying to pull off. I am led to bed and in truth, Shawn kind of wore me out tonight. "But don't worry, my lips are sealed too," he says. This just means one more person that has to keep their mouth shut. "In all seriousness, I can tell Shawn really likes you.

I’ll make it clear at this point that I have never had any problems with him having nights out with the guys or whoever – it had just never been an issue for me.

At points I have even encouraged him to get out and do it since I’d noticed he hadn’t for a while!

Yet he’d anticipated it might upset me and went quite out of his way to hide it from me.

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