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Indeed, the new Job Centre Plus policy – announced by minister Mark Hoban – is symbolic of a government that is only interested in helping the young, has no interest at all in those who have strayed from the extraordinarily narrow path laid down by the current and previous administrations and is determined to play to the middle classes in the vague and desperate hope that Conservative votes can be gained.

In a clearly politically motivated statement, Hoban said: Claimants will be expected to undertake training (even if unnecessary), join unpaid schemes and do anything else that will make the government look good, regardless of whether it is beneficial to the long-term unemployed the government are supposed to be helping.

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If on the other hand you are over 60, unemployed, single, have no children and live in social housing, we not only don’t want to know you but we actually wish you didn’t exist at all.” Nothing illustrates more the demise of “compassionate Conservatism” than the new post-Work Programme regime which – as confirmed by the DWP source who was brave enough to speak to The Opinion – is designed not to get people back into work, not to support them in any meaningful way or sense, not to help them rejoin the community and be a productive member of society but is instead designed to make life so unpleasant for them that they would rather turn to crime and the black economy than suffer the bullying, the threats and the sheer indignity that comes with being a person that the government has turned against purely in order to secure votes at the next general election.

We know that government ministers read The Opinion regularly.

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Over the next few weeks, take a look at your local job centre and take note of the increasing number of people who, after two years of “intensive” activity on the Work Programme, are still unemployed; not because they don’t want to work and not because they are lazy but because they either have criminal records, disabilities or are simply too old for any employer to consider as a practical possibility.

When governments start writing off hundreds of thousands of people who, often because of punitive and politically driven policies cannot find work, all those who “If you are working, middle-class, under 40 years of age, have a mortgage and two children, then we like you.

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However, on condition of remaining anonymous, one DWP source did tell us that the measures are in fact not so much designed to get people back into work as to make it so unpleasant for them on benefit that they will simply opt out of the benefit system altogether, even if that means turning to crime or some other way of making money in order to survive.

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