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When we met at the La Brea Bakery, she had returned to work as an au pair in Los Angeles. I was learning the baking trade, and she was caring for the owner’s children in an apartment above the pastry kitchen.She also worked as a preschool teacher in the progressive, early-childhood education program at the Matilija Campus of The Neighborhood School and at Every Picture Tells A Story, a gallery that specializes in original art from children’s books.Yolande van Heerden rolled into Greenwood, Mississippi, on April Fools’ Day, 2012, with a mother sheep and her one-week-old lamb in the back of a rented Town and Country minivan. Seems it is hard to find lodging along an interstate highway willing to allow ruminants.

Yolande also shares her talents with the Greenwood Mentoring Group, The Baptist Town Community Center, Threadgill Elementary School, and the Depot Senior Citizen Center.

Stitching and storytelling are natural links between South Africa and Mississippi for Yolande .

Yolande eventually moved to Nevada and began exploring art as a career by launching her Etsy shop, Tomboy Art, and teaching art classes for kids in the canyon.

Over some twenty-odd years of visiting my family, Mississippi became her second home.

She had been dating Mississippi for years and had finally decided to go steady.

Yolande grew up in South Africa and first came to the United States as a high school exchange student in Montana.

Inspired by groups like the nearby Tutwiler Quilters and Mapula and Karosswerkers Embroidery Co-Operative Groups of South Africa, Yolande works with the kids to develop markets for their creations at local festivals and Art Place’s annual craft bazar.

image 10 “It’s just wonderful to see how these kids change and grow.

The unmistakable similarities of the work of Delta embroiders, like Ethel Wright Mohamed and that of the Intuthuko Sewing Group outside Johannesburg brings her two home bases together.

“Sewing is all about storytelling for me,” she says.

“She energized the exhibit by sheer will of the spirit.

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