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Between the grand stage, a separate dance room, two full bars, performance staff, VIP reserve seating and a limited kitchen, Nashville’s “only true dance club” is a pretty standard go-to for some.

The crowd is typically male-dominated and leans toward the preppy, twinky, young, tan and sassy.

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If that’s not your cup of tea, show up on Monday for karaoke, or any other night for whatever themed TV programming they throw at you.

For the white-collared, older, sophisticated or lazy types, Tribe is probably your best bet.

On Sundays and Thursdays for some reason, you can count on seeing long tables filled with gay girls wearing sports paraphernalia, slamming down Miller Lite and sharing baskets of hot wings.

(All the old ones congregate down the hill at 3Crow.) If you like sports, smoking, bar food and limited annoyances in a laid back environment, consider Beyond the Edge any time of the week. The 5 Spot isn’t a queer bar per se, but it’s notable for hosting the weekly “Keep on Movin'” dance parties, and the monthly queer dance party, QDP.

This place is kind of gross, yet remains a favorite for many a Nashville lesbian and sports fan.

Lying on the outskirts of 5 Points in East Nashville next to 3Crow Bar and Drifter’s BBQ, Beyond the Edge is the collision of a sports bar and a dive bar.Show Tunes Sundays are always a gay old time as all the TVs display carefully selected music videos and excerpts from Broadway classics.Between singing-alongs and answering trivia questions about each clip, the night gets pretty entertaining.There are pool tables and dart boards, TVs flashing trivia questions and at least 10 flat screens playing a variety of sports programming.It generally smells like a men’s restroom, but it has a back and a front patio that are supreme when it’s warm outside.As the night wears on, however, and the cowboys start kissing each other while one elderly transgender woman sings a love song to another elderly transgender woman (her partner), a warm fuzzy feeling prevails.

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