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Awhile back my 7 year old son asked me how babies were made .

It was like a switch in my brain, a large flashing light that said “avoid the sex talk with your kid!

He had worked as a photojournalist, reporter and account manager for the station since 2004.

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My mind whispers “too young” but really, when is the best time to talk to your kids about sex?

I’ve read a couple of articles recently that made me re-think my position. ” “Well, it’s a bit of science and a bit of magic,” I explained (as indeed it is, even if science can explain it all, I still think it’s amazing the way 2 cells can divide up to form an entire baby.) “When 2 people love each other” (I’m not prepared to go into how that bit isn’t strictly true right now…we can have a conversation about that at a later date….) “Well, they make a baby. A bit about monozygotic and dizygotic twins and he knows it all. The actual act, the whole doing-it-business didn’t seem to interest him.

Steger wrote in response, in a letter obtained by the Collegiate Times in 2003.

“Whether the university can or should try to exercise prior restraint with respect to future shows is a question we will consider carefully in light of the Educational Media Company at Virginia Tech’s (EMCVT) independent status and the First Amendment of the Constitution.” At the time, Henshaw publicly defended the show, pointing out the intended educational value.“Our primary goal of the show is to get people to talk openly and give them accurate information about sex,” Henshaw said in a 2003 statement.

The VSP is asking anyone with information regarding him or other victims to contact the ICAC Task Force by emailing [email protected]

It’s the conversation that most parents dread – and many of us put off until the very last possible minute.A counselor from the Women’s Center gave professional advice as well.Games included sex-position charades and a fake orgasm competition.However, the show ran into controversy less than a week later.Then-Delegate Robert Marshall, R-Manassas, publicly called the show inappropriate and a sent a letter to then-President Charles Steger with questions about the show’s production.“Virginia parents do not send their children to Virginia Tech to take part in (sexual) titillation,” Marshall told the Washington Times.“Many aspects of the show, as reported, strike me as highly inappropriate and unfortunate,” Mr.“In order to get student involvement, we play to student culture.

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