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There are several options of print types for Jim Booth prints.From Limited Edition prints on paper and canvas to Classic Edition reproductions and Mini Cards, there are options for everyone from collectors to decorators.Jim's edition size has varied over the years from 450 prints to 2000 prints.

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These prints have an embossed gold seal in the image of the picture.

The ENVs are more valuable than the prints in any of the other editions since there are fewer of them & they can not be purchased on a daily basis.

ENVs are the same as S/N Prints except for the edition size is smaller & there will be an embossed gold seal that says "Jim Booth, Environment, Artist".

ENVs are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a S/N print.

If a S/N print is listed at $1000 the ENV's insurance value is $1500Classic Edition posters are produced for the more popular images after all the Limited Edition Prints sell out (only exception is Running The Wind which has both available at once).

These posters are printed on the same quality paper & full color lithograph press as the Limited Edition Prints.

These include: Basket Weaver, Daddy's Girl, Island Light, Marsh Creek, Morris Light, Pink House, Sunrise Surf, & Sunset Marsh.

--If the white margin is matted over you likely have a poster.

ARTIST PROOF PRINT (A/P) - Artist Proofs are the same as Signed & Numbered Prints except for the edition size is smaller & directly to the right of the number will be an embossed stamp that says "ARTIST PROOF".

A/Ps are valued at 1 1/2 times that of a S/N print.

--The large size Classic Edition Posters will have poster style writing that includes the "Title" & "Jim Booth" (Left).

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