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Girls only keep about 80 pesos from each lady drink you buy them.

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It’s fairly negotiable in every Cebu bar, it just depends on the girls’ mood.

Buying a lady drink or two can make it cheaper, but not necessarily.

In others they cagily replied ‘oh it’s not a barfine just pay the girl’, and one place even had a sign up ‘strictly no barfines’ but the mamasan assured me the girls were definitely available to take home for sex. Then in one place after I paid 4000 to the girl in the bar she left by a rear exit, walked around the building, and stood by a waiting taxi the security guard had hailed.

Then he came in and gave me the nod to go out, ushering me quietly into the taxi.

In between Da Pillo and Dimples, this is more of a KTV (karaoke bar) and this one had the ‘strictly no barfines’ sign.

However when I asked the mamasan she told me the girls would go home with me if I wanted and the price was ‘up to the girl’.

In Cebu though it’s one lump sum upfront to the girl that covers everything, and doesn’t really have a name.

In Cebu they seem to be keeping the fact that sex is on sale a little bit more hidden – on this trip I was often told ‘ In some bars they still called it a ‘barfine’, or at least used the term once I did.

The girls were cuter here, and 3500 barfine with 250 lady drinks and two pool tables. I didn’t end up taking a girl but I’d recommend checking this place out.

‘Kanpai’ is ‘cheers’ in Japanese but the girls here like both Asians and Caucasian guys (‘American’ or ‘Kano’ Filipinas often call all white guys).

Most girls will be sitting around on the long sofas.

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