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Often, mothers suspend their educational pursuits to address the needs of their children.

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In general, grants for single mothers originate from the same funding sources as other forms of general financial aid.

The most common entities that finance grants and scholarships include: Federal Grants represent one of the most enduring and often-used pillars of student financial aid.

If this is the case, your parents income and asset information must be included on your FAFSA and will be taken into account when determining your eligibility for financial aid.

On the other hand, if you submit your FAFSA as an independent student, your parents’ financial status is not considered.

But if you’ve been looking for an excuse to watch Sesame Street as an adult, you just found it. Meeting kids isn't like meeting friends or parents.

Drama will probably be tolerated less in this relationship than it has been in others. If you’ve ever met a kid, you know they can be super weird.

She probably can't move across the country at the drop of a hat, or quit her job to become a ventriloquist, but she might take you with her to Disney World.

Higher education is an extraordinary expense under the best circumstances, but single parents face even greater challenges paying for college.

As the old adage goes, save the drama for your [own] mama. They’ll tell you how many moles are on your face or if your hat looks stupid.

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