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With a high divorce rate in the United States, there are over 13.7 million single parent households in the United States!While most adults with children are loathe to separate for all of the usual reasons, it does happen despite the best intentions of married adults.

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At first, simply adjusting to single parenthood can be a huge challenge.

Divorce results in a major financial down turn for most families.

Look to meet singles doing something you like to do.

In the great Northwest, outdoor adventures are everywhere.

And merging the kids together can be great at times and hard at other times. =) I found myself single after 25 years of marriage.

It is very different dating now as opposed to dating pre-child!! My husband was caught in an affair and also lost his job because of it.

and it's just been the past several months that I have considered possibly meeting someone new.

It takes time to heal emotionally and to be healthy again.

Out of necessity, many stay at home moms go back to work.

Running a household, taking care of kids, and working can be exhausting for single parents. Frequently, a broken relationship may cause emotional damage. It can take time to heal from these emotional wounds before adults consider entering into new connections.

We ended up losing the house as well as our marriage..was very devastating to say the least.

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