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Sorry Crusader, don't mean to critisize all the time and people do have different views on skinny and a lot of sites list skinny girls as a wide variety of bodytypes, but she's not really skinny in my eyes, Alison may have a little bit of ribcage showing and small boobs, but a lot of girls have that, and her legs,hips (quite wide) and bum is just very average and merely slim.

Read the last few posts I've made and see the differences. Wish she had more sets out there, that one's called "love me or leave me" and there's another one called "Diabalo" and "Evolution of Beauty" which I am hunting for atm.

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look at these few pics of athena (met) in prime skinny condition the other good set she did called 'moderne' - or 'evolution of beauty' Thanks ira_tion, that's some fine pics from a wonderful set, isn't she stunningly awesome, and so fits the bill for what this thread is about - skinny. Another lovely blonde I quite like, who I think is quite new is Michaelle from In Focus skinny upper body, she has quite long legs and if she got a bit more toned and lost a bit from her bum and upper legs she'd be awesome (like Alya).

I presume you mean big girl as in tall, maybe you like em more petite skinny. some video of her here similarly this girl, brook I think she's called, is slender (with boobs) and also carrying just a tad too much on her bum and upperlegs may please some, but nowhere near as awesome as Anya or Athena Lovely Irene is definately more trim, not super skinny (WOW) compared with Anya but in the bum and legs she's great, very toned little arse and thin legs, she looks nicely skinny here i love her legs in the air here

Hope you all can find some amazing new skinny Wow girls for me and hope I haven't posted too many reposts for you. If you like thinspo type stuff There are some amazing real people type photos of skinnies- extremely skinny (be warned, some may be anorexic too) on this board,lots of photos of very skinny girls people and a smaller thread here discussing supermodel's thin legs all for now (if any links don't work by clicking, try the copy&paste method) bridb OK guys..might be a bit off topic.......

BUT.......since bridb introduced this skinny girl to us in one of his last posts...... ranking=0&q=quaren I know that this is not everyone´s cup of tea but i.m.o she is absolutely stunning no a real beauty but the muscular body of hers is WONDERFULskinnyluvr PS: Thanks again for your great posts, bridb Thanks skinnyluvr for the quaren link, she's also got a few clips on youtube where I saw her first off, though I think they're included in your great link, some good photos of her here deffo got a skinny upperbody with high development of muscle tone for sure, not so much her lower body, but what an awesome girl, as you said she's "not a real beauty" - she's not beauty pageant material, but THAT DOESN'T MATTER - because IMO this thread is about "Bodytype" and "skinny" is what we are talking about here, so a girl's face could look ugly or skanky (preferably not of course) but hope people here will put the "skinny" before a beautiful face and search for really skinny girls rather than resort to posting an average bodytype or beauty pageant type just because they are attractive in that sense (beautiful face) and just happen to have a wee bit of a there's a thread for ribs under "body" and those girls could go there if they also have a fat arse and legs :) Girls that have both a skinny body and a beautiful face of course, are amazingly stunning, and Caro and Alya for example certainly are a couple of the rare knockout beauties that are tuly skinny beauties.

id=askjolene now I would much prefer to take yanna over anafey especially in this superskinny set how about this fabulous thin petite blonde Lilly,a bit kylie-esque lucky guys r=askjolene lay the kat is so petite and thin,nice litlle bony shoulders and clavicle area,tiny hips and waist and of course I love her thin legs too,some nice clips

id=101594 here's a girl I find lovely to look at, I think she's a real cutie and if she lost a few more lbs she'd be stunning Natasha from Watch4Beauty(copy&paste if not working) campaignid=3595 She's awesome remember that latina chick here

pr=10&su=1&ad=11264 nice skinny upper body,legs and bum not so much new girl unknown thin frame on this nice teen unknown teen magnificent yanna, she's scrummy finally.. nats=luminofor:5050:td I really like Olga D from Hegre,what a lovely skinny blonde but find her bum and hips look a bit big for the rest of her, shame that:) I also liked dominika, Wow she's so cute and nicely skinny not seen her before, she's just got the one set on teendreams so far by the looks of nice girl, thanks.

just look at this amazing girl, love to know a name and find more, thin arms and legs, tiny little butt, skinny AND good sized natural boobs (though I like em small too), just an incredible body This girl Cindy looks a bit similar (I much prefer dominika though) heres some more video

ws/askjolene/blinddatebangers_mov11 Love this thin asian pr=8&su=1&ad=11264 tyra banxx, her legs look nice and thin here .com/hjh/vids/280/index.html? p=ft&r=pimp2185&c=0&j=12 theres something about amy lee I like

101138 I've been struggling a little bit lately for some really good new WOW skinnies, so I thought I'd be lazy today and mainly skim through see if I could spot some links not seen before and tie up their loose ends.

nats=askjolene: WWC-REV-notrial: SSS,0,0,0,1163 and some clips t1/revs=askjolene brooke skye, quite like her but she's not one of my favourites atm

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