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The Difficulty lies, in finding out an exact Measure; but eat for Necessity, not Pleasure, for Lust knows not where Necessity ends.Wouldst thou enjoy a long Life, a healthy Body, and a vigorous Mind, and be acquainted also with the wonderful works of God?Keep out of the Sight of Feasts and Banquets as much as may be; for ’tis more difficult to refrain good Cheer, when it’s present, than from the Desire of it when it is away; the like you may observe in the Objects of all the other Senses.

[Original source: The Papers of Benjamin Franklin, vol.

This is the twenty-sixth and last almanac in this series which Franklin prepared himself; thereafter David Hall assumed the responsibility.5 Appropriately, the contents of this almanac make it the best known of all, for it is the direct source of the most widely reprinted of all Franklin’s writings, even including the autobiography.

They that study much, ought not to eat so much as those that work hard, their Digestion being not so good.

The exact Quantity and Quality being found out, is to be kept to constantly.

labour in the first place to bring thy Appetite into Subjection to Reason.

If thou eatest so much as makes thee unfit for Study, or other Business, thou exceedest the due Measure.

If thou art dull and heavy after Meat, it’s a sign thou hast exceeded the due Measure; for Meat and Drink ought to refresh the Body, and make it chearful, and not to dull and oppress it.

If thou findest these ill Symptoms, consider whether too much Meat, or too much Drink occasions it, or both, and abate by little and little, till thou findest the Inconveniency removed.

He that riseth late, must trot all day, and shall scarce overtake his business at night. Against Diseases here, the strongest Fence, Is the defensive Virtue, Abstinence.

Celia’s rich Side-board seldom sees the Light, Clean is her Kitchen, and her Spits are bright; Her Knives and Spoons, all rang’d in even Rows, No Hands molest, nor Fingers discompose: A curious Jack, hung up to please the Eye, Forever still, whose Flyers never fly: Her Plates unsully’d, shining on the Shelf; For Celia dresses nothing, Among the Divines there has been much Debate, Concerning the World in its ancient Estate; Some say ’twas once good, but now is grown bad, Some say ’tis reform’d of the Faults it once had: I say, ’tis the best World, this that we now live in, Either to lend, or to spend, or to give in; But to borrow, to beg, or to get a Man’s own, It is the worst World that ever was known.

A sober Diet makes a Man die without Pain; it maintains the Senses in Vigour; it mitigates the Violence of Passions and Affections.

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