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The method of adding captcha in a non core form is very different from that of version 1.x.x.

Though by default it usually will have, I am explicitly mentioning it because I have seen users developing custom forms and template overrides without name or id attribute and compalining that the captcha oesnt work there.

It is recommended that this be done by coders or with their help though installing and publishing the plugin could be done by anyone(which in turn will add the captcha to the core forms mentioned above) Currently there are 2 limitations for this plugin 1.

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Aimed for non technical joomla site users who often find it hard making hacks in core code ,this plugin easily adds captcha to joomla forms for login,registration,contact us,reset passord and remind username. Set 'yes' for 'Enable second level security for Core forms' after making sure the captcha appears in all the above mentioned forms.

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If the html part is customized for com_user,mod_login or com_contact,it may not work.

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