State of kansas mandating training for law enforcement

Under the Bainbridge Island police manual, that should have changed the way they approached the situation, causing them to be more deliberate and conscious of not escalating the situation.

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Our background investigations are meant to explore indications of moral or integrity issues.

Klumpp, who represents the Kansas Sheriffs Association, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police and Kansas Peace Officers Association, said the files would help agencies establish whether an applicant had been placed on a Brady-Giglio list.

Despite the evidence, states have been slow to mandate the training, leaving individual law enforcement agencies to decide whether their officers should have it.

In some states, the largest agencies have voluntarily instituted the training.

We had been hurt more than anyone could ever hurt us again, Joyce Ostling said in a phone interview. But nearly every state, including Kansas, leaves the decision of whether to require the training up to local jurisdictions.

Area law enforcement agencies were reluctant to give up that authority in Washington, too, but the Ostlings and their partners showed how to make the mandate palatable. Ostling Act in Senate Bill 5311 requires that eight hours of crisis intervention team training be included in the basic curriculum for all Washington officers by 2017, and a two-hour refresher course incorporated into annual training.

It is essential to weed out the bad apples prior to hiring if at all possible, she said.

Being able to evaluate why an officer left his or her last position is extremely important.

Its popularity is increasing as research shows it has the potential to save lives and reduce the incarceration of Americans with mental illness.

A Washington Post database showed that about a fourth of people shot and killed by police this year had a documented mental illness.

Within five minutes of the officers arrival, Doug Ostling had been shot and was bleeding to death.

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