Tall men dating short women Eyeball chat cam girls

The theory is that, for example, a man who’s 6-2 doesn’t quite feel he’s the protector or superior in the relationship, if his woman is only three inches shorter, let alone equal in height.But his protector instinct really kicks in if his girlfriend is 5-5 or 5-3.

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I don’t know; maybe a tall woman sees only what she expects to see in the world of meeting men.

Tall women seem to have made this observation more than shorter women, when it comes to meeting men.

"She looks great when she wears heels and a long dress. It is not just regular couples who are defying height stereotypes.

Even among celebrities - where visuals play a part in image-crafting - a woman towering over her male counterpart has become fairly common.

"Our cabs arrived at the same time and I opened the door for her.

I remember the way she exited the cab was so classy." The two spent the evening talking and he asked her out the next day.

Art director Laurent Pastorelli, 38, looks up to his wife - in more ways than one.

Despite Mr Pastorelli being 9cm shorter than his wife, Ms Karen Phan, 40, a photography producer, the couple have never let their height difference get in the way of their relationship.

Quite often I see really tall women with even taller men.

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